Personal Film Projects:


Frequency is a short film I made a few years back about the interaction of sound and image. The sound track is very bass heavy so I'd suggest using some decent speakers or headphones to get the best effect.

Frequency from Andrew Whitehurst on Vimeo.

Processing Projects:

Processing is a programming language aimed directly at artists and designers. It is based on Java and therefore many of the projects that are made in it can run in a web browser. I have been playing with Processing for a while and here are some of the mini-projects I've been experimenting with:

Planet Erosion is an OpenGL project that shows a view of an alien planet-scape that erodes over time as you watch. You can see "runs" of colour where material slides down hills and sediment builds up in the lakes and rivers. If you click in the window you will see a different view of the planet. Sometimes building or wall-like structures are visible.

Galaxy is a 2D view of objects moving in a gravitational type system. Each object has a mass and is influenced by all others in the system. You can influence the image in several ways using mouse clicks and hotkeys. These are described on the page with the app itself. I am using a modification of this code to output data to Maya in a project about gravity and art that I'm working on.